"Great dancers are not great because of their technique;
they are great because of their passion." "

- Martha Graham


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My favourite Argentine Tango music & videos

1. Music (CDs)

I love argentine tango music. In the following I have listed some of my favourite Tango Argentino songs and CDs which I enjoy dancing to. Many of those are quite modern Tangos which beginners may find tricky to dance to and some are not even considered Argentine Tango music at all (Astor Piazolla had that problem too..). I have listed the more traditional and original songs separately. For a selection of neo-tango music have a look at www.neotango.info

If you are new to the Argentine Tango scene - please be aware that there are numerous versions of those classical Tango-themes like "La Cumparsita", "El Choclo", "Libertango" or "Corazon de Oro" - some sound "old" (with scratchy noises) others are very modern and also the "speed" can vary considerably between various versions.

Some of my favourite Tango CDs are:

  • Symphonic Tango El quinteto buenos aires & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Tango Pasion A.Piazolla, Horacio Salgan, R. Goyeneche & N. Marconi
  • Best of Tango Argentino (Live at the festival in Granada 1994-1997) A.Piazolla, O. Requena, H. Stamponi, N. Marconi, C. Gardel etc..

I have listed the artist's name first - however, the artist could be either the original composer, singer or name of the band. These names are intended to be used as keywords for your music search only - see search boxes below.

My favourite modern "Tangos":

  • Anja Lechner Caesar der Hund
  • Anja Lechner Chinawalzer
  • anonymous (1650) Passacalli della vita
  • Astor Piazolla Anos de solidad
  • Astor Piazolla Che Tango Che
  • Caceres Tango negro
  • E.Lurie Sun in Rome
  • E.Lurie The spinster's waltz
  • Enrique Rodriguez El tilin tilin
  • Enrique Rodriguez Noches de hungaria
  • Enrique Rodriguez Tengo mil novias
  • Francisco Canaro Rodriguez Pena
  • H.van Twillert & S.van Beck Close your eyes..
  • H.van Twillert & S.van Beck Desierto
  • Haris Alexiou Nephelis Tango
  • Jose Luis Merlin A media luz
  • Los indios tacanau Romance de barrio
  • Luis Borda trio La trampera
  • Luis Borda trio Quejas de alma
  • Mambo version La Cumparsita
  • Mariano Mores Tanguera
  • Montserrat Caball Hijo de la luna
  • Nelly Omar con Francisco Canaro Desde el alma
  • Osvaldo Fresedo La viruta
  • Raul Garella Ojos negros
  • Raul Garello Bandoneon Arrabalero
  • Rodolfo Bigi Amor y vals
  • Sexteto al sur Rookgardijnen
  • Sexteto al sur Lied van de welk verdriet
  • Sexteto Mayor El choclo
  • Sexteto Mayor Libertango
  • Sureste Tango Bordell 1900
  • Tango al sur Corazon de oro
  • Zbigniew Preisner Don't fall asleep

Here are some of my favourite traditional Argentine Tango songs (which are typically easier to dance to):

  • Annibal Troilo Inspiracion
  • Annibal Troilo Quejas de bandoneon
  • Annibal Troilo Mano brava
  • Annibal Troilo Barrio de tango
  • Annibal Troilo Quejas de bandoneon
  • Annibal Troilo Uruguaya
  • Carlos Gardel Por una cabeza
  • Carlos Gardel Mi buenos aires querido
  • Eduardo Bianco Rodriguez Pena
  • Manuel Pizzaro A media luz
  • Quinteto Pirincho Ponto Regreso
  • Quinteto Pirincho El Trovero
  • Quinteto Pirincho El Internado
  • Quinteto Pirincho El Pollito
  • Osvaldo Pugliese Alma de bohemia
  • Osvaldo Pugliese La yumba
A very special collection of traditional originals (1920+) including artists like L.de Lyle, J. Lumiere, A. Dassary, J. Plana, L. Bory, E. Celis, R. Marino, J. Aubert, R. Ketty, T. Rossi, L. Boyer, J. Chacun, C. Gardel, M. Pizzaro, I. Corsini and many more..is:

  • A Portrait of Tango (historic recordings on CD - 48 tracks)

If you are looking for some good Argentine Tango music I can honestly recommend Amazon. They have a large selection and you can search for single tracks or singers (copy/paste from the list above) using the search-boxes below. You can even listen to many mp3 tracks before you buy the CD and they usually ship within 24 hours.

I recommend to sort the results after "rating" and to read a few reviews. Both branches of Amazon (UK, USA) do ship world-wide for a small charge. There are also several good books on Tango Argentino that get you in the right mood before and after a Milonga!

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Another great source is:
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2. Films featuring Argentine Tango

Here are two films featuring Tango Argentino which I find highly interesting:

The Tango Lesson-Video(DVD)-(Starring: Sally Potter, Pablo Veron, Gustavo Naveira,Fabián Salas, Carolina Iotti)

Click on image to order!

The film shows superb photography and many impressive and perfectly choreographed dance scenes with a plot that is based on a partly true story involving the director herself and the famous Tango dancer Pablo Veron (playing himself).

It conveys the atmosphere and passion of Argentine Tango that has inspired many people to take up the dance. The soundtrack is a great selection of authentic Tango music.

However, the "spiral type" of plot (mainly b/w) and the peculiar conversations (in English, French and Spanish) distinguishes it clearly from Hollywood movies making it at times difficult to be appreciated by mainstream audience.

Personal Note: Sally really has the passion and energy of what you would expect from a 25 year old- when you dance with her.

Tango (Director: Carlos Saura)
Click on image to order!

The film is about a group of people setting up a contemporary dance show.

Lots of modern, dramatic Argentine Show-Tango featuring many excellent dancers as they act and rehearse.

If you would like to see a list of Salsa music and
videos click here and goto "Music/Videos/MP3".

2. Videos of actual Tango dancing

You can find a lot of Tango videos on www.youtube.com

Here are some of my favourites:

Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes dancing to a version of "Enjoy the silence" by Depeche Mode:

"Chicho" Mariano Frumboli and Mariana Dragone at the Tango Festival in Portugal 2006 dancing to live music:

Homer Ladas and Andrea Fuchilieri performed Argentine Tango to a blues tune at Friday Night Blues in San Francisco:


Well and here is Klaus Petritsch and Karen Garnett dancing to Astor Piazzolla (Anos de soledad):

Another Klaus Petritsch and Karen Garnett dancing to Sixteen Tons by Tom Jones after a long night Tangoing..:.

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