Klaus Petritsch, PhD    

18603/177 Mitchell Road
Erskineville NSW 2043

Date of birth: 2.2.1969
Family status: married
Australian resident

ph: 0415 431 199
w: www.solarpassion.com



Teaching / Instructional Design (eLearning) in Sydney

Creative scientist with a strong IT background and passion for teaching, now looking to make a continued significant contribution part or full time (also contract/project based), for an educational institution or company as teacher, instructional designer or in a similar position.

Responsibilities could include:

* design and development of interactive web-based training (Web CT); quality assurance (QA)
* developing story boards for online courseware
* effective interfacing with subject-matter experts
* teaching courses within existing or new competencies (science, IT, CIT)
* converting classroom materials to an e-Learning media format (live or asynchronous)

I am very excited about using modern media technology to enable effective, captivating knowledge transfer to a large number of people.
I have gained a range of teaching and related skills and experience in both a multidisciplinary academic environment (University of Cambridge, UK) and a cutting edge industrial environment (Nanosolar Inc., Palo Alto, USA) as research assistant, teacher/trainer and group leader.

Teaching Experience

Academic & Industrial

  • Teaching graduate students at the University of Cambridge in areas of physics (mechanics, electronics, optics, electronics, error analysis) and IT (Excel); marking assignments
  • Supervising and instructing PhD students at Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge in areas of solar cell theory, characterisation, manufacturing, data acquisition/analysis and processing
  • Teaching scientists and technicians in theory and practice of advanced scientific measuring instruments and processing software at Nanosolar Inc., Palo Alto, USA


  • Teaching dance (semi professionally) in Cambridge, San Francisco, Sydney and international workshops
  • Teaching digital astrophotography to beginners/enthusiasts, USA
  • Teaching German conversation classes to students and professionals in Cambridge, UK
  • Teaching computer applications to seniors, Austria/Germany

IT & Science Experience

Information Technology (IT)

  • Wide range of computer skills from programming (Pascal, Visual Basic), data processing (Excel spreadsheets, Mathematica), presentation (PowerPoint, LateX), digital processing (Photoshop, Paintshop) to web design (Dreamweaver, Fireworks) acquired over 20 years
  • Design, coding, maintenance and search engine optimisation (SEO) of several high ranking commercial and non-commercial websites
  • Design of completely automated websites to sell digital, educational and solar energy related products
  • Advanced digital photography and photo processing (astrophotography)

Science at University of Cambridge (UK)

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with scientists, engineers and technicians in different countries
  • Many presentations at international conferences in various European countries and the USA
  • Hosted monthly meeting of PhD students at Cambridge University to coordinate research activities
  • In charge of chemistry laboratory

R&D at Nanosolar Inc. (Palo Alto, USA)

  • Project leader (product development, characterization and data analysis) of a group of scientists and technicians
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with scientists engineers and technicians in different countries
  • In charge of entire solar cell characterization lab and state of the art atomic force microscope
  • Responsible for moving the entire laboratory to another town
  • Helped raise significant funding money at start up phase
  • Selected, interviewed and hired first technicians and scientists at start up

Professional Development


  • Over 20 publications in scientific journals including Nature and Advanced Materials
  • PhD (honours) in the field of opto-electronics, thesis with Cambridge University, UK, and Technical University of Graz, Austria
  • Masters degree (honours) and thesis in Applied Physics, Technical University of Graz, in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute of Solid State Physics in Stuttgart, Germany
  • Degree in electronics and telecommunications with BULME - Graz, Austria


  • Lead product engineer/scientist (development of new technologies in solar cell fabrication) with Nanosolar Inc., USA
  • Solar energy consultant/engineer (freelance)
  • Collaboration with Cambridge Display Technologies (CDT Ltd.) during PhD
  • Several UK, USA and worldwide patents (CDT Ltd. & Nanosolar Inc.)

Additional Skills


  • German (mother tongue), English (fluent, primary language in past 10 years), Spanish (basic)
  • IELTS (academic) and ELS certificates for English
  • All patents and publications, PhD and Master thesis, written in English

Other Skills & Certificates

  • Holder of skilled immigrant visa (permanent residency) and accreditation as engineer by Engineers Australia
  • Certified teacher of dance with international teaching and training experience (Argentina, USA, Europe, Australia) and own dance company
  • Certificates and awards in martial arts, chess, basketball, sailing and SCUBA diving
  • Memberships: The eLearning Guild, Astronomical Society CA, United Kingdom Alliance of Teachers of Dance
  • Able to set and achieve professional goals independently as well as in a team environment
  • Very creative in finding solutions good lateral thinker and communicator
  • Administrator and moderator of a (threaded) online discussion forum