"Technique - bodily control - must be mastered only because the body must not stand in the way of the soul's expression."

- La Meri





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Tango Argentino - Gallery

Welcome to my little collection of images for the lovers of Argentine Tango. In order to get to the different pages in the gallery click on the links above (second row). You can see the full size image in a separate window if you double click on it.

In some cases you can click on the image number to get to a webpage - outside SolarPassion - that is related to that image.

I am also grateful for any comments or extra info you can provide on any of the persons or objects featured in the displayed Tango images.

If you have an image you find suitable to be added to my collection please contact me by email - many thanks and enjoy the gallery - Klaus

for the latest developments of argentine tango such as fusion with electronic and other music & dance - see www.neotango.info

If you like Argentine Tango and want to explore it - check out: Infusions Travel a company that specialises in organizing tours to attend Argentine Tango Festivals all over the world.

Disclaimer: I have tried to trace back the origins of the images and put a link to them wherever I was successful. If you have the copyright of an image and you are not happy to see it on this site - despite the free promotion you receive - please let me know and I will remove it.

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