"La vida es un carnaval."

- Celia Cruz





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Salsa - The World Dance

Salsa in Spanish means "sauce" and is used to spice up Latin food. Salsa - the dance can in fact be regarded as a hot&spicy "sauce" of various Latin and Afro Caribbean dances such as the Cuban Son, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and Mambo. Today, due to its tremendous popularity, there are more Salsa Clubs in Los Angeles, New York or London than in its historical homes Cuba and Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, Salsa has risen to the status of a world dance proving that anyone - regardless of cultural background - can learn and enjoy this exciting Latin dance

When I moved to Cambridge in 1996 I was trying to find an opportunity to continue hip hop & breakdance and african dance - then I discovered Salsa. I soon fell in love with the vivid music, the infectious rythm and the exciting dance. I was fascinated by the multicultural blend of people of all ages that had so much fun on the dance floor. Also what is regarded by many as a social "handicap" in pubs or traditional nightclubs - I don't smoke and prefer orange juice to beer - turned out rather useful when it comes to dancing Salsa. You simply can't dance with a cigarette or if you are drunk.
I also like the fact that you can go anywhere on this planet and find a Salsa club where you get to know not only the local dance style but also the people who live there. I saw Paris, Vienna, London, SanFrancisco, Buenos Aires, Sydney etc. from a completely different perspective than a typical tourist or conference participant.

Presently, I am teaching Salsa and Argentine Tango in Cairns (Australia) . For more information on my regular and private classes as well as music and videos have a look at www.SalsaPassion.com or www.funkytango.com..

Here are some of my Tango videos on youtube - sorry no Salsa videos yet :)

Klaus and Hosanna (traditional)
Klaus and Karen (alternative, Tom Jones)
Klaus farewell with everyone
Klaus and Karen (Astor Piazzolla)
Klaus and Anne Maree (alternative)




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