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klaus petritsch - the photographer

at age 2 - not 12!

when i was little i saw a solar cell powering a little motor that turned a paper wheel - i was puzzled

being able to see how free sunlight can produce electricity without noise, pollution or any moving parts made me wish to be involved with this magic. at least subconsciously i must have decided then to become a ... solar scientist

i have always been very curious and wanted to know the why of everything. after studying electronics and physics, i did indeed enter the world of solar science in research groups in germany then england and later usa

by making available a selection of solar energy related photographs i hope to contribute a little to make solar magic wider available. in fact some of my photos have been used in educational presentations, research grant applications, etc. or implemented into related websites

i also appreciate feedback and may have what you are looking for - though perhaps not yet published here