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download speed & photo quality

after secure online payment you will automatically be redirected to the download links for your photos. in addition you will also receive an automatic email with the download links and license terms. should you encounter problems please contact me. here are the typical download times:

  • telephone line: 0.3MB/min = 1 to 3 minutes for one photo
  • ISDN: 0.6MB/min = 30 to 90 seconds for one photo
  • cable or DSL or ADSL: 3MB/min = 7 to 20 seconds for one photo

the size of the photo files (jpg) varies between 0.3 and 1MB. typical sizes will be one of the following:

  • 1600x1200 pixels, 24bit-true colour
  • 2048x1536 pixels, 24bit-true colour

before you add a photo to your shopping cart, i recommend to click at the index picture and view the larger version (640x480 pixels) on your computer screen. the quality of your download file will be at least like the scaled down watermarked version you see.

consider that the best photo looks unsharp on a cheap computer monitor (often found in internet cafes) or even a badly adjusted good one. try adjusting the brightness, contrast and degauss - the demagnetizing feature.

should you want to print out your photos, the following table will help you find the maximum size for a given quality (dpi=dots per inch) and digital size (MP=megapixels):

USA/UK: 5x4'' 6x4'' 7x5'' 12x8''
Europe: 13x9cm 15x10cm (A5) 18x13cm 30x20cm (A4)
0,3 MP (640x480) 125dpi 108dpi 90dpi 54dpi
0,5 MP (800x600) 156dpi 135dpi 113dpi 68dpi
0,8 MP (1024x768) 200dpi 173dpi 144dpi 87dpi
2 MP (1600x1200) 313dpi 271dpi 226dpi 135dpi
3 MP (2048x1536) 400dpi 347dpi 289dpi 173dpi

low quality
(newspapers or posters) from 60dpi
good quality(print outs in photo shops) from 135dpi
high quality(magazines) from 275dpi

for example: a photo with 1600x1200 pixels can be printed with high quality on 13x9cm (5x4') paper and with good quality on 30x20cm (12x8') paper. use photo quality paper when possible.

a typical computer screen has less than 1200x1600 pixels so that photos of that size will easily fill it without quality loss.