welcome to klaus petritsch's wildlife & nature - stock photo selection 2005

browse my selected nature and wildlife photographs from all over the world. the photographs can be instantly downloaded after secure online payment of only per photo using paypal/credit card. if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact me.

amazing landscapes 1
long and lonely roads, deserts, volcanoes, rainforests, glaciers, beaver dams, cumulus clouds..
amazing landscapes 2
more long and lonely roads, deserts, volcanoes, rainforests, glaciers..
animal kingdom 1
dragonflies, iguanas, hermite crabs, leaf cutter ants, butterflies, poisonous frogs, lizards, turtles, bugs..
animal kingdom 2
armadillos, turtles, coatis, spider monkeys, giant anteater, cats, dogs (inc. huskies), tiger herons..
animal kingdom 3
toucans, parrots, vultures, peacocks, crocodiles, sea lions, penguins and other birds..
human world 1
indigenous men, women and children of costa rica, nicaragua, honduras, guatemala, mexico, argentina..
human world 2
tango dancers, street scenes, street musicians, restaurants, gauchos from argentina, laser shows..
specials 1
"special" shots from all over the world (incl. tierra de fuego), guatemala, costa rica......................................